Video Surveillance Security Systems

Just like any other aspect of technology, video and surveillance systems have evolved quite rapidly since their inception. Surveillance cameras and security monitoring systems have become far more advanced and far more affordable than they once were. In fact, we would argue that today, it’s more expensive not to have security cameras on your business premises.

An effective video surveillance system can help reduce shrinkage and vandalism, and can even boost your employees’ productivity. MyerCom can select and install the appropriate security camera systems and surveillance solutions for your business’ unique needs, keeping your assets and your employees safe.

Our Video Surveillance and Security Services

MyerCom specializes in the following surveillance systems solutions:

  • Security HD Camera systems with remote access
  • Building access Keypad / Proximity Card
  • Equipment installation and maintenance

To speak with a MyerCom representative about any of our business IT support services, contact MyerCom online, or call us in the Kansas City and Lee’s Summit area at (816) 207-3786.